Monday, January 11, 2010

Seed Catalog Time

Well, it’s the off-season. The 2009 garden actually lasted up till the day before Christmas! We had some incredible kale and sausage soup a day of two before Christmas. Yummy stuff, too! I’ll have to get my wife to tell me how she made it. Might add a garden recipes section in here somewhere…

The nice thing about the off-season is that now that I’m not distracted by the garden, I can sit down and plan out 2010’s garden! This is almost as fun as gardening!
As is the case with most anyone who has bought garden seeds before, I happily find my mailbox being stuffed with seed catalogs this time of year. I've got about four or five catalogs so far this season. One in particular that I really like is Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. (Check them out at!) I read through them all about five times each. I am particularly interested in heirloom varieties, and each catalog carries at least a few. The idea being that I can save seeds at harvest time and then not have to buy seeds next year. Yes! The little guy takes one more step toward independence! (Hmmmm....really?) Well, I "could" save seeds if I wanted to.
Of course, the REAL BOSS looks though the catalogs and marks what she wants and that pretty much decides what we will be planting. If she doesn’t want to cook it, then there is not point in me growing it, right?
I think I will try to have the orders in by the end of this month. I always try to start a few seeds indoors to get a jump-start on things. (I’ve never really had much success yet, starting things indoors and bringing them out. Will have to work on this.)
Just and FYI thing, the other catalogs that I have at present are Jonny’s Select Seeds, Jung Seeds & Plants, and some pulp fiction piece calling itself Burgess Seed & Plant Co. (pulp fiction because of the type of paper it is printed on and many of the pictures look like they’ve been touched up with color). I also order from Stark Brothers when I’m looking for trees.
If anyone has any suggestions for good seed catalogs, please post!

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